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Golden Guitar Winner
Tracy Coster

Born in the bush - Raised on the road

TRACY COSTER was born into country music. Daughter of the legendary Stan Coster, she grew up performing as a vital part of her fathers travelling show.

Tracy had been on the road with her parents since she was 13, but her three albums up to 1994’s "Play The Game" were the developing young talent following her own path.

Her 2000 "Bush Baby" album was very much in the traditional mould, but a significant benchmark was her 2004 release of "Coster Country", the tribute to Stan and his music, The album featured duets from the likes of John Williamson, Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan and Anne Kirkpatrick and there is also a very special duet with her Dad.

A host of awards followed including a Golden Guitar in 2005 for Vocal Collaboration with Anne Kirkpatrick for "Back To", The Saltbush Plains and Tracy was locked in to the bush ballad mould by that success – a career direction driven by both her musical heritage and fan expectations.

Her whirlwind successes also include Album of the Year and Heritage Track of the Year at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards, and Album Of The Year and Comedy Song Of The Year at the Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards.

But skip forward to 2008, and Tracy Coster had found her new voice and space on her unique musical journey.

With the release of her new brand album "Moving On" Tracy has heralded a new phase in her 30 year musical journey. Her musical itinerary still takes in those wonderful qualities of Australia, but puts her personally in a new place.

It’s a return to her own music - what she’s learned and where she’s heading – a bit wiser, and certainly more aware of things she’s previously taken for granted. It’s actually a two tiered process – Tracy’s personal movement, but not losing the heritage that has always been so important.

Tracy is an Australian storyteller, and this new album reveals a fresh appreciation of the Australia that she travelled through for so many years.

Tracy knows first hand the joys and hardships of life on the road. Seventeen years of touring with her father non stop - we’re talking right through the centre; all through the outback; mining towns; missions; pubs; clubs; schools, you name it they played it. Towing caravans, changing tyres, loading in and setting up equipment were just some of her job descriptions. Five nights a week, ten months of the year she learned about paying her dues.

Now with 30 years as a consummate performer and recording artist, Tracy Coster proudly celebrates her place as one of the first ladies of Australian country music with a wealth of music, recording, stagecraft, memories – and a new voice.

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